Natural Treatments for Baldness or Alopecia

Baldness or Alopecia cureBaldness is basically a state of thinning hair, a state of resting hair falling and no new growth of hair. In simpler words when there is no new growth of hair and there is loss of existing hair it leads to a state of Baldness.

It is mainly seen in adult men, sometimes even women. The common Male Pattern Baldness starts from the center of the head and then recedes towards the lower part of the head. The pattern of baldness differs in men and women. Women don’t have a receding hairline. Their hair becomes thin and starts falling.

Alopecia is another word for baldness. Androgenic Alopecia (also known as Androgenetic Alopecia or Alopecia Androgenetica) is a medical condition that simply means male pattern baldness. This kind of hair loss follows a pattern that begins above the temples and then moves towards the crown of the head in a predictable manner called Hippocratic Balding.

Alopecia Areata is a hair loss condition that results in patchy hair loss from the scalp. It may be found to be present in some cases on other parts of the body as well, but is usually seen in circular bare patches at one or more sites on the scalp. Sometimes this kind of hair loss is restricted to only the beard area.

Totalis Alopecia is a hair disorder, that as the name suggests, causes all of the head hair to be lost. It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder though the reasons behind it are not clear.

Alopecia Universalis is one of those rare medical conditions that causes a person to lose all of their hair, from all parts of their body, including the eyelashes, eyebrows etc. This is considered to be the most severe form of Alopecia.

Men and women suffering from this health condition are constantly scouting the news for any new research or treatment option. Baldness is perceived to take away from the beauty of an individual. Every sufferer is willing to try out every method that looks promising. Men are beginning to start balding at an even younger age these days, some even in their early twenties. This kind of male pattern baldness is easier to cure if treatment is started early when the condition has just started to develop.

View and try the natural home remedies mentioned on this page below. They are sure to nourish hair follicles and cells and lead to stronger and thicker hair growth as well as reverse the signs of its loss.

  1. Rubbing your left and right hand nails with each other is an extremely simple and effective method to cure hair loss and improve hair regrowth. You need to fold both your palms inwards and place the fingernails of both hands against each other. Then with regular swift motions, rub them against each other. This rubbing procedure increases the blood flow to the scalp and helps in strengthening the roots. Apart from stopping further hair loss, it also leads to regrowth of lost hair in people suffering from balding or alopecia. It also prevents and reverses the process of graying. These would be the best 15 minutes in your day for your hair. Do it for about 5-7 minutes twice a day. It is a tried and tested method and will definitely show results. You need to be patient though. You will begin to notice a difference in about a month and by the end of 6 months you would probably be successful in reversing all your hair ailments.
  2. Mix coconutmustard and castor oil in equal quantities. Apply this on the head and massage gently at night once or twice a week. Leave overnight and wash in the morning with a mild shampoo. This is a very nutritious combination for the follicles and is effective in the prevention of hair fall and growth of new hair.
  3. Grind black pepper and lemon seeds with a little water. Use this paste on the bald portion of the skin on the head. This will help to an extent.
  4. Using home remedies like grinding licorice in milk and applying the paste on bald patches. This helps induce hair growth.
  5. Mix one cup of brandy and one egg well. Apply this on the head and massage gently for some time. Then leave on for some more time and relax. Shampoo off. This encourages the growth of hair and is a good treatment for Alopecia of all kinds.
  6. Many herbal oils are available that claim to grow new hair. While precaution must be taken while trusting these claims, some genuine oils do contain hair restorative properties that nourish the follicles. Regular use of these nourishes the roots and follicles and induces the growth of new hair.

Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Alopecia or Male Baldness

Following health conditions can cause certain kinds of alopecia or baldness in men:

  • Some fungal infection on the skin
  • Tumors and skin outgrowths
  • Medical treatments such as chemotherapy
  • Side effects of certain medicine or drugs
  • Hypothyroidism or other hormonal imbalances
  • Aging or heredity
  • Anxiety, depression or social phobia (rare cause)
  • Lifestyle and health factors
  • Autoimmune disorders

In order to treat loss of hair, the underlying health cause has to be cured. Hair loss or balding due to temporary chemotherapy or some serious illness can be cured by medication as prescribed by the doctors. Balding due to local skin infection or some kind of fungal infection or tumors can be cured fully by medication. Causes like heredity or genetics don’t have much in terms of treatment. Artificial hair transplant and hair weaves are good options.

Prevention of balding is the key. If you take good care of your health when you have hair, the situation when you begin to lose hair may never arise. Avoid stress and staying up late. Maintain a good hair care regimen. Avoid chemical treatments on your hair. Exercise regularly for overall health and fitness. This helps increase the flow of blood to all parts of the body including the head. Hair receives nourishment and the roots become strong. Do not wear your hair very tight. This puts maximum strain on the hair at the hairline and the hairline starts to recede slowly. Maintain good hygiene of your scalp. Have regular eating and sleeping habits. Maintain a healthy diet with good vitamin rich nutritious food. Use a mild shampoo and do not let your conditioner touch your scalp. Practice meditation to relieve stress and for peace of mind.

If you have any news or information about any common home remedy related to the treatment of male balding not already covered on this page or site, please leave us a message. We will print your remedy with full attribution to you.

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