How Arlington Heights Employers Can Recognize Addiction in the Workplace

There are over twenty-five million Americans in the United States who are to some degree addicted to drugs and alcohol.  Contrary to popular belief, studies actually show that the vast majority of those who are addicted actually do hold jobs of some kind or another.  They might not hold them for long and they might jump from job to job a lot as is the nature of an addict, but they often do have a job of some kind simply to support their drug habit. The drug rehab Arlington Heights center is in place to help these addicts use their money for something else by helping them eliminate their drug addiction problem.

Some individuals suffering from addiction really do find it difficult to hide or manage their symptoms and lose their jobs as a result of it.  Others who have been at it longer and are a little more skilled in this game can maintain a level of normalcy that allows them to continue working while also continuing to abuse drugs and alcohol. However, as they fall deeper and deeper into addiction, it becomes harder to hide the changes in behavior and habits that often result from drug or alcohol use.  Eventually, no matter how good an addict is, he or she will almost always mess up and get caught.  This is a big problem in Arlington Heights because the majority of this city is employed but this city also has a major drug abuse problem. The drug rehab Chicago is quite aware of this issue in the area and that is why they are expanding in different cities of Illinois.


Addiction in the Workplace

As an employer, it’s important to support any employees who reveal that they are struggling with addiction and not punish them because of it. Maintaining an awareness of the common signs of substance abuse can allow an employer to offer help and intervention as early as possible for the employee so that he or she can get the help that he or she needs and can get back to work as soon as is possible.

It’s not always easy to see the signs of addiction in the workplace, but they are definitely there.  There are some signs though, and these have been listed below:

  • Frequent small accidents – Repeated or frequent small accidents may indicate drug or alcohol use on the job or before work, as a result of the individual not really being all there.
  • Decreased quality of work – Drugs and alcohol affect the brain and make it harder for employees to concentrate and turn in high-quality work than employees who are not abusing substances.
  • Increased absenteeism – According to Promises Treatment Centers, people who abuse drugs or alcohol miss 10 times as many workdays as sober employees do, and this is certainly very noticeable.
  • Change in appearance – Previously polished employees may show up to work disheveled or stop caring about personal hygiene as a result of high levels of drug or alcohol use, and this will adversely affect the work team.
  • Mood changes – Employees addicted to drugs or alcohol may be aggressive and surly in the morning, but energetic and talkative after breaks if they’ve had a chance to use a substance.

If you or another employee notices these signs, it’s best to talk to the individual in question or at least his or her family members or loved ones.  In this way, the issue can be resolved and addressed properly with the help of a drug rehab referral service.  For Arlington Heights, something needs to be done about this soon before it worsens.


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